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Our Technology...

Still using tin cans and a piece of string to make calls?…..didn’t think so.


We set out to build a practice from the bottom up, based on what people told us was important to them. Needle and drill free dentistry is delivered by using Laser Dentistry, something not readily available in the UK but widespread in countries such as the USA where it has been in use for over 30 years.

The Wand

Syringe-free, low pressure, computer controlled system when anaesthetic is required.

In some circumstances, anaesthetic is required to numb an area before carrying out a procedure. Patients tell us that they really dislike injections in the gum, back or roof of the mouth so we have invested in The Wand. Used over 43 million times worldwide, patient feedback speaks for itself so we’ve replaced the old fashioned syringes that haven’t really changed much in 150 years.


Microscopic dentistry doesn’t look cool.

You’ll notice that our dentists wear some pretty funky eyewear – these are called loupes. These magnification glasses make sure that our dentists see the finest details and work with the upmost precision.